Tech's Resume
Public Service

After my full-time job, the MBA classes, and this business' on-site service calls, I am pleased to be able to work on the following opportunities:

 Kabitenyo Magazine 2008 souvenir program

Vote Ed Argota for Student Council Home Page (Congratulations to Eddy on his election!)


NAMA Calgary Homepage

Canada Caregivers Ltd.

Filipino Bowling League of Calgary 2003-2004 Souvenir Program -- Layout and Printing

CMV Financial - upgraded NT 4 Server to Windows SBS 2003.

Kabitenyo Magazine 2003 -- Layout

Kabitenyo Magazine 2002 -- Layout

Forefront Fencing -- Implemented upgrade from IIS 3, Exchange Server 5, Proxy Server 1 to IIS 4, Exchange Server 5.5 and Proxy Server 2. Hardened the server's security.

Holmes Theater & Automation -- Created and deployed standardized desktop images. Hardened the server's security.